Trucks on the fence? Empty trucks cost you money! Sign-On Bonuses will only waste money on job hoppers. You need to be SEATED, and we get that…let us help find you Exclusive Truck Driver Leads!

“I’m thankful for Alex and his team at Seated Social for all of the huge opportunities they’ve given us to grow in 2021! We just had the biggest Q4 in hiring in LSI history with over 1600 hires!! Thanks Seated Social!”

David McBride
Executive Vice President of Recruiting – Lazer Spot, Inc.

“Alex is the real deal too. Honest and upfront. If you need candidates in hard-to-reach areas, this works! Reach out to him today, you won’t be sorry.”

Alice Feeley
Talent Acquisition Specialist

“We have used Seated Social for over 6 months now. We are seeing great results. Alex and his team have a great product and are very easy to work with”

Recruiting Manager

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All About Us

We have years of experience helping carriers, large and small, find the right drivers for their trucks. I got tired working for agencies who didn’t understand what matters most to our clients. I started Seated Social to help trucking companies fill their trucks, effectively, efficiently, and economically.

No website? No Landing Page? No PROBLEM! When you sign up with Seated Social, your landing page comes free with EVERY package. It’s yours for as long as you want!

Why pay for a service that provides you leads that aren’t truly yours? Shared leads are archaic! When you receive your leads from Seated Social, they’re yours from beginning to end.

A lot of people don’t believe their ideal drivers are on social media…well I hate to break it to you…but there are 2 Billion, active monthly users on Facebook alone! they’re out there, and they’re waiting. My dad always told me to go fishing where the fish are.

Who We Are

We’re a Veteran Owned small company based in Idaho. We are reachable (Yeah, we’re a little OCD about those Unread Email bubbles). We care. When you sign up with Seated Social, you’re not going to be upsold into something you don’t want or need. We’re not going to ask for a contract. Month to Month contracts means we are driven to earn your business this month and next month.

What We Do

We target passive drivers all over social media. Not the drivers that are applying on job boards. We find people who are looking for a change. We help them find you! When your targeting needs change let us know ASAP and it will be taken care of immediately.

How We Can Help You

We have helped carriers across the country lower their Cost-Per-Hire. We can help you as well! We strive to Increase your Retention Rates and in some cases lower your ad spend overall. Relationships matter. If we can’t offer you the services you need, we’ll point you in the right direction. We want to earn your business each and every day.


S E A T E D ?


N O T   Y E T ?  K E E P  R E A D I N G ↓

“So far we’ve had nothing but great experiences with Seated Social. they always get back to you within minutes and give you great quality leads that we have already turned to hires. Highly recommend for any company looking for a new lead source.”

Hunter Christianson

“you don’t need a sales pitch your actions speak louder than any words. “

Shawn Davis
Company Owner at Tennessee CDL School Inc

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Amazing Strategy

We will craft the Ad Copy. We will handle the Graphic Design. We will do all the Web Development. What you need to do, is give us feedback, talk to your leads, and hire them.

“We have been using Seated Social for a little over 6 weeks. The leads are good leads, they are real people, not fake accounts like some places. I have been really happy with the amount and the quality of the leads with Seated Social.”

Anna U

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Amazing Team

We have a team of copywriters, graphic designers, web developers. We’re not salespeople and we think that’s a good thing. We are solution specialists, have a problem? We’ll help find the solution. 

Schedule a time to talk, no pressure. Look forward to meeting with you!

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Final Thoughts

Not sold? That's okay. Maybe you think we cost too much...we don't. Maybe we're not the right fit...Let's find out. Maybe you think social isn't right for you...give us 30 days to prove it. 

So why the hummingbird? 
Many people think you can't find drivers on social media. We're here to prove them wrong. The hummingbird does a lot it shouldn't be able to...we're the same way.